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Minggu, 08 April 2012

hey fellas, how are you today? great! nice to hear that you're good.
hey hey !! wait ! I'm not trying to look cool. yeah, i suppose you all misunderstand.
I write this post in english cause I'm learning english. so please, I hope you can help me to correct my bad grammar, vocab and tenses in writting english.

okay, first, I am writting this post in one of american franchise, Dunkin's Donut. I came here to get free Wi-fi, just like another guys  in this place hahaha. but it's not like what you think!! it's not really free !! you have to buy some donuts to get the free Wi-Fi password !! Ohh God, this shit forced me to reach into my pocket deeper!!

hey guys, forget bout that fuckin' free Wi-fi!! now, what bout if we discuss why am I here?
actually, I came  to this money-sucker place to study in group. yeah, I'll deal with mid-term exam, next week!!
Woow!! sounds horrible, right? no, i think it's better than you dont have any free hotspot to connected to internet, right?
however, you have to get best grades in exam to earn praise form the others. haha, I'm kidding. I want that grades, cause people always said that "Good Grades ensure you to get a good job". I believe to that quote, cause many people who have "comfort-desk" had good grades in the past. Even so, I cant deny the lucky factor too.

forget about all that shit !! hahahaha
cause in the fact, I came to this money-sucker-place just to write this post, and not to study at all. hahaha
so, for you all who read this post, PLEASE...

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Andreas Lukita mengatakan...

"but it's not like what you think" deh kayanya hehe..
" no, i think it's better than you dont have any free hotspot to connected to internet, right?" *gubrak*

Jumadi Musfa mengatakan...

okay, thanks, bro.
post edited ;)

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